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Surf camp Ghana is located on a beautiful and protected 2 km beach in the relaxing fishing village of Busua, in the Western Region of Ghana, 36 km west of the city of Takoradi and 250 km west of the capital city of Accra. Busua is a wonderful mix of a traditional Ghanaian coastal village and a tourist destination, allowing you to get to know the people and culture of Ghana, meanwhile providing you with many entertainment options in a very relaxed atmosphere.

Located in the Gulf of Guinea and having a coast line that is East/West oriented, Ghana is positioned to receive uninterrupted ocean swells from the Southern Hemisphere. The ocean swells that hit the coastline travel great distances to reach the beaches of the area, producing some of the cleanest, most orderly and thus perfect beginner waves on earth. For experiences surfers, the region offers many great surfing options as well, including epic point-breaks with challenging waves, warm water and no crowds!

Besides surfing, Ghana also has a lot more to offer. The country is blessed with natural beauty and offers a whole range of outdoor experiences and cultural highlights close to the surf camp, such as canoe trips, scenic boat rides up Lake Volta and visit to a monkey sanctuary. Many other places can be reached within a day, including Mole National Park, which is perhaps one of the best national parks in West Africa and boasts safari tours where elephants, lions, baboons, warthogs, monkeys, antelope, and other exotic African animals are commonly sighted.

The weather in the area is tropical, meaning that the water is always warm and there is never a need for a wetsuit! The air is humid yet with the gentle ocean breeze in Busua it is barely noticeable. Ghana is close to the equator so there is little variation temperatures throughout the year. The average daily temperature ranges between 23 degrees C (74 degrees F) and 30 degrees C (86 degrees F). The rainy season is between April and June with an average monthly rainfall of 186 mm (7.4 inches). Even during the rainy season, it typically rains for 1-2 hours and the rest of the day is sunny and warm.

Surf school

The surf school usually takes place at Busua beach, just in front of the surf camp. However the surf school is also completely mobile depending on daily surfing conditions.

Although surfing is relatively new to Ghana, the surf camp's experienced group of local and international surfer instructors have provided surf lessons in Busua for over a year now with great results. Depending on your level of surfing, the surf instructors will guide and help you improve your surfing skills. The low student-to-instructor ratio of 3-to-1 allows for extensive individualized attention and the best results.

We guarantee that after a week at our surf school a complete beginner will not only ride the waves straight into shore on the whitewash, but will be riding down the face of the waves. For the experienced surfer, combining the surf instruction with access to a variety of waves to match your surfing skill level and style will help you to improve quickly.

The following is included for students attending our week long surf school:

  • Accommodation -standard or upgraded
  • Day trip with lunch to an exotic, eco-friendly lodge with beginner waves nearby
  • 4 hours of surf school per day
  • All surf equipment needed
  • Breakfast

If you have arranged your own accommodation, you can also book surf school only. This includes 4 hours surf lessons and 24 hour board rental.


Surfari is a great option for the more experienced surfers. Every day there is a different swell, a different wind etc. This doesn't matter if you are joining a surfari with us. Every day you will be transported to the best wave of the day. Booking a surfari allows you to explore the many excellent, unspoiled surf spots in Busua and the nearby villages. The surf spots include some yet unknown world class waves including Black Mamba Point (a reef/point break), Dixcove (right point break), LP's (right point break). You will be able to find your perfect break no matter if you are a short boarder or long boarder.

Since we want to make sure that you really get the best out of your surfari we only offer this option between late April and early October when the swell averages between 1.3 meters (4 ft) and 2.1 meter (7 ft).

The following is included in the one week surfari:
  • Guided surf trips, every day of your stay, 5-6 hours per day
  • Transport to surf spots by van
  • Accommodations-standard or upgraded
  • Breakfast

If you are a group of 4 or more, we can also offer a surfari tour where you go a lot longer and stay in different accommodations over night. This is the only surf tour in Ghana that travels the coast by boat. Around almost every corner is another surfable spot- beach breaks with fast lefts and rights, an occasional reef break, or a variety of right and left point breaks from fast, tubing waves to slow, 150 meter waves perfect for long boarding. All this with no one in site except you and your group!


The accommodation we offer is located close to the surf school premises. Depending on your preferences, we offer you two different types of accommodations, standard or upgraded.

Standard accommodation means that you will share a room with a private bathroom with other surfers at Dadson Lodge. The rooms contain two to four beds, meaning that if you are traveling alone you will probably share a room with other surfers but if you are traveling in group of two or more people you can get your own room.

The upgraded accommodation at African Rainbow offers more privacy, ideal for couples. These are nicer and bigger rooms with double or twin beds. If you book upgraded accommodation you will also get both private bathroom and balcony.

Just next to your accommodation the surf school shares a large, multi-leveled wood deck that spills out on to the beach with our newly opened Orkorye Tree Restaurant. All meals for the standard accommodation are served at Orkorye Tree. For the upgraded accommodation, the breakfast is served at the accommodation. The Okorye Tree is the IN place to hang out in Busua and a great place to share time with your new and old friends, listen to music, talk about your day of surfing, do some more surfing on your own, enjoy a wide variety of food and drinks, or dance the night away!

Guests at the surf camp have many cuisine options and never go hungry. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are included for all the guests that have booked surf school or surfari package. Breakfasts are standard but guest are allowed to choose their lunches and dinners from the restaurant menus. This allows you to choose from the many delicious local dishes such as Red, Red (red beans and fried plantains in a spicy, red sauce) and Palava sauce (made from a spinach-lie vegetable) served with fish and yams, or to sample sea foods and other more familiar dishes, including a wide variety of vegetarian options.

Both of the accommodations are located less than 100 m from the town centre as well as the beach and the surf school.


Arrival to Ghana is usually done through Kotoka International Airport in the capital city of Accra (airport code: ACC). Since Kotoka is Ghana's only international airport all flights to and from the country originate here.

Upon your arrival at Kotoka international airport, and if you have requested a pick up, you will be greeted by a staff member who will give you a ride to the surf camp (3-4 hours). If you come in on a late flight you will have the option of spending the night in Accra or going directly to Busua. The pick up at the airport is not included , but cost an additional 100 EUR per car. (price reduced to just 75 EUR if only 1 person) The ride back to the camp is about 4 hours.

If you do not wish to be picked up by the camp staff, the best way to get to Busua from Accra is via the Ford Express Vans. These vans leave from Keneshie Market in Accra and go to Takoradi. Ask for the van to Takoradi as there are others that go to all parts of the country. The vans leave once a van is full (takes about 45 min) depending on when you get there. These vans go direct from Accra to Takoradi (3 1/2 hours). You can then take the taxi from Takoradi to Busua (45 min). The price for the van is 8 USD and 12 USD for the taxi.

The airlines that service Accra with direct flights include British Airways, Lufthansa, KLM (Europe) and United Airlines (USA). If you are planning some more traveling in West Africa, another possibility is to fly to Felix Houphouet Boigny Airport in Abidjan, Ivory Coast (airport code: ABJ). There are direct flights from France and other major European cities to Abidjan and it is only 2 hours from Busua.

This camp is rated 4.1/5

Based on 9 surfing experiences

Wave quality




Surf coaching


Staff friendlyness


Value for money



We had a lovely time surfing in Ghana. People were so nice and friendly and always willing to help. The environment and beaches were beautifull and we especially loved the guided tour we did with the surf instructors. Good waves and almost no tourists/other surfcamps. A little less guidance and more freedom than we were used to but also very relaxing. A great price/value experience! Female, age 25, from Netherlands
November, 2015
Nice place, really off the beaten track. Good waves and an exciting country full of nice people. Male, age 30, from Sweden
February, 2011

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